Online Running Mentorship

"Mentorship is the influence, guidance or direction given by a mentor" (Wikipedia)

In my almost 10 years of training to run faster, I have received full online coaching services on numerous occasions.

I have received extensive benefits from all of my coaching experiences.

But the greatest benefit in my opinion has been the mere presence of someone in my corner. Someone you know is there to ask questions, bounce ideas off, help you to solve problems. For me this has always been the most powerful part of the coaching relationship – in essence the mentorship part.

Overall I feel like I have benefitted less from the “pure” coaching part, especially given that the relationship is online.

Personally I like to set my own training based on my own research. I also like to be accountable only to myself when it comes to both training and racing. In other words, I like to go into races knowing that I have gotten myself onto the start line ready and, no matter how the race goes, I am responsible 100%.

But I still need that person in the corner. To message, to write an email to, to talk to if needed. Have I gone about this the right way? Do you think I could improve certain aspects of my approach? It’s a sounding board, and the feedback I get back I am free to assess, adopt or even ignore! (and that's fine!).

"Two minds are most certainly better than one... A problem shared is a problem halved."

If you are like me – you want to set your own training and be overall responsible for your running journey, but you would also like someone to just share ideas and issues and questions with – then you may benefit from having a mentor in your corner.

So I would like to offer my mentoring services to YOU!.

Who would benefit from running Mentorship?

Anybody who, like me, feels they would benefit from a second pair of eyes and ears on what they are doing. Or anybody who would benefit from a contact who they know will be available whenever needed. Who doesn’t want a full coaching arrangement but does want someone to help with advice and to answer questions as they arise.

Given my 10 years of running and training experience (with personal bests ranging from 16:01 for 5km to 73:34 for the Half Marathon), I believe I have the knowledge to help with the following types of common running scenarios. But this is certainly not an exhaustive list, and if your running related question or scenario doesn’t appear here that does not mean I cannot listen and help in someway! So please reach out! –

* Advice on all aspects of getting started with jogging / running as an exercise or hobby

* Training advice for the more competitive runner who enjoys racing but wants to improve!

* Goal setting in running, the “is this a realistic goal for me”? type question

* Dealing with injury, for example – “how do I overcome shin splints”?

* Breaking through barriers, for example – “how do I go about breaking 20 minutes for 5km”?

* Historic training review – looking through training data and providing feedback and suggestions

How much does mentoring cost?

I am committed to providing ad hoc free of charge help and support to any runners who need it. So if you have any running related questions or queries please contact me on my email below.

If you are looking for a more complete online Mentorship program then please visit my mentorship page for full information on two exclusive membership levels!

How would the mentoring approach work in practice

Online mentorship can be accessed through my mentorship page. Please check there for full information on the exclusive membership levels.

I also encourage you to send any of your general running queries to my Gmail: